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Blue Night 140416

The two guests were supposed to read the script but they read it in a mess. Jonghyun probably laughed so much at the side, then they had to read out messages. Jonghyun: Short messages 50 won, long messages are additional 10 000won. GYB: Ah? So expensive?! It’s 9950 dollars more expensive! Then I will send short ones. Jonghyun: No, longer messages are 100 won in addition. I’m having a mental breakdown because the both of you!

cr: YOYOYUAN想不出后缀
trans: cosmicsticks

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Dragon Flight- Dragon eye view of Berk.

Unfortunately, I only managed to record the second part of this, missing the beginning part of the sequence with script, storyboards, colour keys, and early animation. But I got most of it, getting a look at how Berk is going to appear in the sequel. This recording doesn’t capture the sheer amazing-ness of the live experience so, please, if “DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition” comes to your town, check it out- it’s definitely worth the price of admission.

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